thank you

Published February 11, 2013 by hannie

It’s been an outstanding month so far. I say that with perhaps the slight smack of bitter sarcasm. The best advice came from my son who said something about eating shit sandwiches and I have the power to do anything I darn well feel like doing. Or something like that. He said he wouldn’t make a good motivational speaker. He lies. I mean, he does but he has to get that salty old sailor jargon out of it.

Anyways hey, I wanna thank you for trolling me down. Remember I am a wp-ninja. But here’s something I forgot to tell you, besides code is poetry. I have a real problem staying in focus and perhaps I could even use a couple sessions of hand holding and perhaps some nice encouragement to get me refocused. Most times my friends like to tell me stuff like “gee hannie, you’ve made miracles happen before, do it one more time because you can” or something like that. Shoot. You’re brilliant. You come up with the magic saying to get me motivated again.

In other news, apparently I piss off a lot of people in the course of one month. No really I do. I’ll start with “your way sucks, mine is better”. I say that because I’m used to doing it my way and I minimally ask for help. Sometimes I get really too proud about it. Sometimes I don’t want to take advantage of one’s good nature.

Sometimes my way *does* suck. Your way could be all sorts of better and faster. But you really need to work on selling me on it. I LOVED my high school debate class. So you’re in for a real challenge with this. But you can do it because deep down inside, I like and even respect you.

Oh why am I thanking you? Thanks for trolling me down. Thanks for believing in my ability and I’m sorry that sometimes, I just let the boulders that get thrown my way stomp me down. I’m going through one of those moments. Please forgive me, because I don’t intentionally mean to be rude and drop out of my digital footprint (it’s rather large isn’t it) sometimes.


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