do it to the crowd (part deux)

Published January 25, 2013 by hannie


I detest this picture. I detest why I even took it. Here's as much backstory as I'm willing to put out there. I went to a meeting last night. Instead of a “typical meeting” where we work through our differences, come to some semblance of a consensus and everyone's allowed a chance to voice their thought…it was like holy war of the ages. I consistently was shut out, people got either rude, testy or out and out rotten…and I ended the evening yelling out that I'd quit my commitment. That's how frustrated the whole thing truly made me. You don't give a shit about giving me the opportunity to drop opinion, then why the hell am I sitting there wasting my time with the likes of you?

I screamed and ranted and raved to my best friend about my frustration. I did it the minute I was out the door because I was so angry I just couldn't hold back. I was so frustrated and upset over those whom I thought respected me as much as I did them just running me over and stealing my voice from me. Without the second batting of an eyelash to make it even worse. I'll add deeply hurt to my list of emotional crap here. It hurts to think that for the amount of respect I dish out to people, they not only take it but want more and don't even take a second to thank me for my kindness.

Here's a thought. With attitude like that displayed, how are we as a body expected to move forward and get our message (which should honestly be a positive and caring one) out there? If you're expecting others to follow, they surely won't as long as you're spitting piss and vinegar all over the place. I know this fact only first hand, and believe me, every day I want to rip on a fellow democrat and give them all sorts of grief on their performance.

What's that prove if I took that path? It proves that I'm just as counterproductive as the rest of the pack. I refuse to let the rest of you put me in that corner. I'm about informing, enlightening, and doing what I can to move us forward. Take you and your crapass attitude and move to the side. While you're at it, the purple kool aid has been shown through history to not be the best choice of drink. DO NOT feed the hannie.



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