I said

Published December 26, 2012 by hannie

I would try to be a kinder gentler hannie. Screw that, drinking game rules for the special meeting for the 26dems to nominate a replacement for Derek Kilmer…fresh and piping hot for you.

name dropping, especially those of Larry Seaquist or Derek Kilmer +1
(if you’re stupid and name drop MY name, you don’t get a drink after all)

automatic sip for any and all merlot chokers. we salute you.

Toe stomping of fellow 26dems. You are to proceed directly to the corner and are not allowed back out to play until
you’re nicer.

Your ego does TOO need an adjustment just like my own. +2

Education cited as priority +1, add +1 if McCleary decision is worked in to argument.

drop the word “union” multiple times into your platform +1 if using “government + unions” sit down.

touting “economic development and job creation” and that’s it. Just lift the glass. Don’t take a sip.

Your platform relies on monetary worth of cost per vote analysis. Go sit down. You missed the point of a special meeting somewhere.

Connecting Jan Angel to any story that blatantly exhibits why she should not be a legislator. Big swig on that.

worked on numerous 26th LD democrat campaigns. Shut up. We all have.

your sanctimonious ass is larger than Rob McKenna’s. Go visit the corner.

That’s my draft and I’m sticking to it. more later.


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