Dear YOU

Published November 26, 2012 by hannie

Thanks for popping into my life and oh you are a sight for sore eyes. Seriously, I've missed you.

You know, it's really funny. I treasure each of my friends from childhood as if they were extended family. I figure you've seen me through good, bad and ugly and you never turned your back then, so you naturally shouldn't now. Remember, my childhood was all sorts of vile and ugly and we made the best of every opportunity we could you and I and the rest of our mutual friends. You guys would never let me down, never stab me in the back, never let me fall into despair. I had every opportunity there ready and waiting for me and you never allowed me to take it. Instead, you always showed me a better path and I could never thank you enough for that.

Maybe you weren't able to see the painful black shadows swirling around me when I was growing up. Maybe you saw them and chose to ignore them. Maybe they appeared and you didn't care one bit about that. I treasured you, I valued you, I believed in you and hoped that you believed in me in a platonic familial sense too.

That's why I'm entirely dismayed to learn that somehow I now offend you and put you out. Or maybe it's that I challenge what you think is correct and we're miles away and you're for certain your way is so much better. The years and miles have separated us and I guess it's time we just keep those miles and years distant huh? Sad because I miss what we were. We were young and ready to take on the world and ain't nothing was going to stand in our way.

If you can't accept me at my worst, then you never truly deserved me at my best. Fair winds and following seas dear friend.


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