This is all about the procrastination

Published July 24, 2012 by hannie

I should be working on my main blog. It seems that my current layout doesn’t want to play nice with my spam protection. It’s a project for tomorrow. I don’t want to fiddle with code at the moment.

Each day I live I seem to learn something new. I have these experience and friends still to this day show me what I cannot see for myself.

For example, today I needed to be in Bremerton. I fretted the whole morning and rethought through the whole process to get to Bremerton almost to the point of stating that I wasn’t going to go. Had I chosen to not go, I would have missed out on an awesome opportunity to gain insight and really learn. That would have been not so good.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m not truly past the mental anguish that I suffered for a while. Because I was told for so long that I was simply worth nothing I started believing in it.

So much to do tomorrow so I’m done here. Doing alright I am, pain sucks but you know, I’m keeping it manageable and that’s perhaps the most important right there.


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