So It Goes

Published May 8, 2012 by hannie

It’s been a week since Auntie Eleanor passed away. Slowly it is sinking in that I just can’t call her or go spend time with her. I would spend the afternoon with her, poring over pictures and movies and listening to stories of when I was little. If anything, I am grateful for that time where she was cackling in laughter over all sorts of stuff.

I’m trying a new blog app called Blogsy. So far it seems to do what I need and more. Amen. The whole shift of trying to get the hannie pad to work fearlessly with my blog platform was frustrating at times.

In other news…I’m trying to get my day scheduled so that I remember to do the daily stuff daily. No one said getting old was necessarily easy. I’ve been in this incredible funk for the last week or so. It’s time to pick up and get back on track, or at least my doctor told me this yesterday while I was visiting. Tomorrow is the sleep study test results. I’m not thrilled about this, but I need to get it done to either rule it out or in or something along that line.

This week includes getting housework done, trying my hand at origami again, attempting the crochet of a coffee cup warmer…all sorts of fun stuff like that. Peace out.



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