My Vacation

Published March 13, 2012 by hannie

I’ve gotten too angry, too frustrated…over little stuff that I shouldn’t. Sometimes I find that the best thing for me in cases such as these are to take a vacation of sorts from the world. It’s my “moment of zen” where I reflect and rejuvenate. Here’s some of what really has made my blood boil this week though.

I wrote before about friends of mine, those who I held in the highest of regards in my world and how they decided to break off our friendship. It was a difference of opinion politically, or perhaps it was that in just being myself, it offended them somehow. My heart still to this day aches about these things. We’ve disagreed before and it’s not driven a wedge between us, but they chose now to break that off.

One person in particular who took time to write me a “FUCK OFF AND DIE” letter, well, I’ve seen her comments to other mutual friends here and there on Facebook. After reading, I can say I’m actually sorta glad she did me that way. I’m not sure that I’d want to be her friend at this point in my life because I believe (after reading) that she has a ton of personal growth ahead of her. Personal growth is good for everyone, myself included. I wish her the best of luck with that and really, don’t call me, I’ll call you.

The other person, well, we were like family at one time. That’s the sort of friendship we had. Sure, time and circumstances can change things, but bonds like that are important to me. This friendship I suppose I mourn just a bit more because friends of mine hurt him, which in turn hurt me and I stopped writing. Oh you bet, I flat out stopped writing because I could not understand why people had to be so mean and hurtful on a personal level. Wait, yes, I have been guilty of that. In admitting that, I’ll also tell you that I was schooled hardcore on how hateful words really can be and without knowing person they’re directed to, I could have missed out on one of the coolest people I know.

I have a plan for making all that up, using the power of my blog. I falter right now because I’m too angry to write and I don’t want my words to be miscontrued. When I write this entry, I want it to be just like my friend is, in that no matter the weather, he bounces back like teflon. That’s how we would have rolled in our youth and I’m so happy he holds to that theory today.

Something else that really irks me is the press. The local press, to be exact. I believe I’ve had the final straw in believing that journalism is impartial. No wait, here’s what drove me to this conclusion.

Story one involves the murder trial of a guy who not only killed his father but his stepmother and someone in Oregon as well. I’ve always thought The Herald of Everett was a republican rag that deserved little if any of my time. I just read them because I wanted to keep up to date with happenings in Snohomish county. This story was posted on Facebook and the Herald asked people to comment about the idea that this guy isn’t getting the death penalty. They worded it in such a way to pass judgment on the prosecutor in this case, Mark Roe. Negatively at that. Granted the backstory on this case is weird. Guy is all excited about eating cheeesburgers in jail, his girlfriend demands captain crunch, it’s like a mindblowing Springer episode. (As if you couldn’t tell that just based on how he looks alone, but I digress)

The bitter hatrid that the Herald drug up with this story was simply inexcuseable. You know what? After cheeseburger boy states that “ooh, I’m a victim of childhood abuse and so years later I’m gonna go kill some people” I’m with Prosecutor Roe in saying, “Let’s let this fine specimen of society rot in jail”. My theory is this. If we give him the death penalty that gives him years in jail with appeals on a crap basis wasting our taxpayer dollars. Remember, this is the same guy who is allegedly “starving” at Snohomish County Jail because he’s not being served filet mignon on a silver platter. (I cannot make this stuff up, although I cannot stand the Herald go back and read and roll your eyes in horror. UGH)

Last word on this, when you’re reporting, I don’t think it’s right to stir up the haters of Snohomish county because you want more readership. I believe that Prosecutor Roe is doing his best to make sure that these two never see the light of freedom ever again, which is exactly what we elected him to do. Go fuck yourselves, Everett Herald and don’t expect me to spend another dime on your rag.

(See what I mean? Angry hannie just needs to stop, but no, she ain’t done)

Second story that just infuriated me was courtesy of Seattle Weekly. You know, the first time they pissed me off I let it go. I let go and let God or something. This time I can’t.

The story starts here with this gawd awful piece from Joey Connelly. Seriously? Jay Inslee to Sarah Palin? Apples and oranges sir, and I all sorts of disagree with you. I’m not going to get into that here, because I’m illustrating a different point.

Read this here. Yea didn’t Joel just say that in previous story cited above? He did! I spit out my coffee and wanted to stop writing out of sheer embarassment over the word “plagiarism” from a fellow writer out there in the blogosphere. Lesson learned from the 26th district democrats of all people…you can kick me down, I may flounder and flail for a bit, but I’m gonna come back and I’m gonna write and no one’s going to stop that.

I hope you understand that I need a few days to regroup. All this bitterness is rubbing off on me and it’s making me become a person I’m definately not destined to be anytime soon. It’s the in thing to do now, taking a vacation. Just ask the Washington State legislature about that crap.


One comment on “My Vacation

  • I took a vacation as well. When you have lots of time to stay glued to MSNBC like we do (you -are- a good progressive right, isn’t that what we do??) I had more health issues and stress problems. I’ve gone to ESPN and even stopped reading Huffpo for about 90 days and just had Ginny fill me in. I stopped Facebook for the same, and twitter for about 2 weeks (although the emails came in asking me if I was ok, due to the cancer scare, recently).

    We are more alike than I knew! Keep writing!

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