Adventures In Hannie world

Published March 6, 2012 by hannie

I went to the dentist and then decided I would go in search of the local Fred Meyer here.  I’m really loving the new line of OPI Holland collection and know it would look smashing on my toes.  I didn’t find the collection there, just the normal colors so I walked toward the checkout line to pay for my purchases.


In front of me was a woman discussing the benefits of coconut milk  I didn’t get an opportunity to hear her spin on it but she did make sure to drop that she had gastric bypass surgery.  She had it four years ago and OMIGOD her life is so outstanding now and she’s in the best of health and it’s so wonderful.


Given my craptastic history with my own gastric bypass surgery, I wanted to bust out and tell her the somewhat condensed version of my life.  Perhaps a couple years ago, I would have.  I guess I’ve really come to the conclusion that I’m just going to cheer for those who do well and pray that they don’t end up like me.


She continued on with her story about how gastric bypass had been so good to her and all the “changes” she’s had to make in her life.  I admit.  I could not contain myself any longer so I remarked to her that I at one time weighed over 400 lbs.  The woman turned to me and eyed me up and down.  I almost caught a note of disdain cross her face, as if I still weighed that much.  I don’t, I’m closer to 300 right now and I know I can improve upon that figure.  I just need to really buck up and be a little more committed to my good health.  Sorta hard with my current condition, but it shall happen when it’s darn good and ready.


I look at my long laundry list of medical conditions.  I see all those nagging and persistant problems that I had *before* my surgery.  Pretty much every one came back to haunt me.  I could say in one breath that I’m a complete failure and maybe a few years ago I would say that and believe it as well.


I’m just not that sorta girl, really. I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful that no matter what storm blows my way, I’m a survivor first.


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