This Day In Hannie

Published March 5, 2012 by hannie

Here’s some cool music I’m listening to while continuing on this pneumonia thing.  I find that music is one of those things that move my focus from pain to a million other things.  I’d like to post all this to Facebook like everyone else does, but I have a sort of respect for my friends that says, “Hey, read it on my blog instead and I dare you to respond.”  I can’t complain about the response on my blog hannie’s musings because I receive much more feedback than you’re actually viewing.  I’m cool like that and I appreciate anyone who’s stayed with me through the long haul.


Back to that music thing.  On the hannie phone right now, in no particular order…


1.  The Lonely Island-Jack Sparrow

2.  Mother Love Bone-Come Bite The Apple

3.  Lady Gaga-Money Honey

4.  Magnolia-It’s All Vain

5.  Chevelle-Another Know It All

6.  Madonna-Confessions On A Dance Floor



. Enough from me for now.


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