The Boy Mike story

Published March 5, 2012 by hannie

Way back when, I was a junior high newbie.  I felt fat, I felt ugly, my teeth stuck out but now I had braces…you get what I’m saying?  Admittedly we are our own worst critics, but no one gives junior high students a book of mantras to live by.


I attended junior high with Boy Mike as well as high school too.  Sure, he dressed in his own way, but the thing that always enthralled me the most was that he was never afraid to be himself and tell you exactly what the heck was on his mind.  I admired that tons.


I did mention I had braces yes?  I felt so self conscious and ugly with them.  I think Boy Mike was very good with the spidey sense on these things, because he’d always without fail tell me how beautiful my smile was. Especially if I wasn’t smiling.  I remember the first few times he’d say something about my smile I’d roll my eyes upward because I thought he was full of it.  Even years later, I’d run into him somewhere in Seattle and he’d always say something about my smile first and then we’d catch up on the rest of things.


Something I believe in is the power of friendship.  So much I’ve learned that I wish I knew as that nervous and awkward girl at Sedgwick Junior High.  I said before that we’re our own worst critics.  I believe to this day that Boy Mike was wise beyond his years and knew that with the correct encouragement we all can fly and succeed.  If you hear positive enough times, repeatedly, eventually I believe you’ll believe it for yourself.


I count myself one of the luckiest girls to this day, for having friends like Boy Mike who’ve stayed no matter the good bad or ugly.  I appreciate everyone I grew up with nowadays because even if we liked each other alright or we fought like cats and dogs, I was being schooled in some serious priceless lessons about life.


Thanks again Boy Mike, for always making a girl feel like a princess.  Thanks to all of you for making an impact on my life and that, that is what appreciation is all about.  Amen.  Never hate, learn to appreciate.


authors’s disclaimer:  Most of my facebook list of friends…I could bust out with an incredible story on how they touched my life too.  I’m blessed like that.


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