just like starting over

Published March 4, 2012 by hannie

I’m on this new kick since getting the hannie pad and the nifty keyboard. I’ve decided to condense and leave all my junk to two blogs. This one of course is my personal blog and well, hannie’s musings can be about what I really think politically.

I thought about this whole plan as my livejournal account came up for renewal once more. The only reason why I had the account locked under private and paid for it was because it really illustrated how horrible and abusive my marriage was. For years, I used to think that I needed a chronological diary of my hell so that I wasn’t destined to make that same mistake again.

I read through pieces of it the other day and it was like none of it mattered anymore. The kids and I had weathered many a storm together and why keep the negative and hateful around. So I’m deleting and keeping my stuff down to two blogs total. booyah.

Stay tuned, as I have pneumonia right now. Yes, extremely painful and luckily was caught during a routine chest x ray ordered by the pulmonologist who “just wanted to see how bad off my lungs truly were”. How grateful I am for that.


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